Find Your WILPF Home!

Find Your WILPF Home—With or Without a WILPF Branch

Meet Many WILPFers Through Email and Conference Call Accomplishments


Many WILPFers are active on multiple political, economic and cultural issues—yet they may not be active in WILPF.  Also, some WILPFers want to be active, but they don't have the situation locally to do so.  This is your invitation—no, your exhortation—to apply to become a national-level WILPF volunteer! 


Get involved as a national or international WILPF activist. WILPF-US members—including those who are not connected with a WILPF branch—can meet and work with WILPFers across the US. You don't have to be in the streets to be an activist: through email and phone calls, WILPF members work together on national WILPF committees to do crucial WILPF work. Yes, we need you!


Perhaps you are an independent or geographically isolated WILPFer? Or maybe you're not as mobile as you'd want to be for local activism?  Or you might prefer to do your work at the national or international level! As a WILPF member, there's a way for you to find a "political home," working with other WILPFers!  


Do you want to accomplish something with your free time at odd hours? Do you prefer to do your activism from your home? Are you wanting to do more than local work?


Get a national perspective on seeing the links between issues that WILPF is famous for! As a WILPF member, you can find your place at all of these levels! Consider one of our many openings.


We are seeking:

  • national WILPF Congress planners and organizers,
  • "idea people" who can look to the future and plan in the present for the growth and financial stability of WILPF-US,
  • "detail people" who can track down and tie up the loose ends in assorted projects,
  • individuals with particular, specialized background experiences and knowledge for national committee roles, 
  • people who enjoy reaching out by phone to others, to talk about WILPF,
  • Issue Committee activists, 
  • and other openings.  

Each of us, in some way, is a leader. You can develop—or discover!—your leadership and help WILPF in many and different ways to do successful and effective WILPF work.  


We especially welcome to the national level those who are "at large" WILPFers. Read about some of the current national openings at Leadership Opportunities. For further information on how your interests and skills can match with WILPF openings, please email me at


If you're not a WILPF member, join today, so you can learn more about WILPF and qualify for these openings. Join WILPF today!

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