Disarm/End Wars Update

Sign the UFPJ petition NOW supporting WMD Free Zone in the Middle East. WILPF DISARM helped design this one based on our own WILPF Iran statement.

Sunday November 11: Ring bells to end wars

Midnight, November 13-14: Stop another nuclear missile test at Vandenberg AFB. Follow MacGregor Eddy’s blog for WILPF actions and victories at Vandenberg Air Force Base. After seven lonely years of work many other wonderful folk and organizations are now joining us and the Catholic Worker there!

November 25 to December 10: Let’s End Wars and Gender Violence. Join WILPF Peace Women, and women’s organizations throughout the world to end domestic violence in our homes and the violence of war.  

All month follow WILPF Reaching Critical Will First Committee Monitor as the UN General Assembly sets the disarmament agenda for 2013, including nuclear weapons abolition, space demilitarization, the arms trade, and depleted uranium. Read about our own special concerns like Depleted Uranium (p. 11) and the  Middle East Nuclear Free Zone (p. 22). Learn about the First Committee here.

All month join our campaign to stop drones and robotic warfare. Contact mvc@igc.org the campaign coordinator to learn about WILPF Branch death marches and participation in monthly actions at Beale Air Force Base. In WILPF civil disobedience is a personal option chosen by some and a matter of individual conscience.

And PARTICIPATE IN ONE or more of our informal working groups as DISARM-END WARS moves into 2013. What better way to spend some hours of our lives than in building a better world for our children, grand children and generations to come?

WILPF members are welcome to participate in any of the DISARM/End Wars working groups. CONTACT DISARM/End War carol.disarm@gmail.com or et@prop1.org for more information.


DISARM/End Wars aims to:


II. SHUT DOWN NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS and the whole nuclear chain

III. KEEP SPACE FOR PEACE – end space militarization and prevent cyberwarfare and robotic warfare

IV. END WARS and prevent new U.S.wars and occupations


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