Bylaws are Our Friends

WILPF US National Board ad hoc Bylaws Committee

As WILPF US members come together in various ways, we are looking to define a vision and structure for the future. Two current venues are the regional meetings and the Membership Development Committee conference calls. Another, working along with these processes, is the ongoing work of the National Board ad hoc Bylaws Committee. Originally organized by the board and composed of long-time and newer general members and board members with an interest in promoting good governance to encourage a thriving activist membership, the Bylaws Committee is soliciting member input and questions on the Bylaws Discussion Board located on this website and via email (send those emails to 

As we look at ways to reform and clarify our bylaws, we want to do it within the framework of how members envision WILPF US. Our bylaws are the governing document setting forth the way the organization functions. Our bylaws define the structure that clarifies process: how the parts work together, and the roles of the members, whether serving on the national board, or working together in the branches or committees and in our basic role as members, the stakeholders of our organization. As a membership organization – a nonprofit membership corporation – our bylaws are also where our member rights are defined and protected. So, while bylaws may seem rather dry, they actually can serve to provide a structure that facilitates the work that we, as members, carry out in the world through WILPF US. 

As we consider ways to modify and enhance our bylaws, we on the Bylaws Committee are looking for members to let us know what items and/or issues are important and should be addressed. We would also like to know what questions members may have. Both types of input will help us greatly in the goal of achieving a smoother functioning of our organization while addressing the changes and challenges we face.


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