BBC Seeking Members to Join in Advocacy Work

The Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee (BBC) is seeking WILPF members to join in advocacy work on issues embraced in this committee’s mandate. We are planning an organizing conference call in early December.

If you are concerned about racial justice issues and the interrelationships between them and the other issues of concern to WILPF and think you might like to join this call, but aren’t already on the BBC listserv, please click here and provide us with your name, branch (or location) and contact information and we will include you in notification of our upcoming conference call. If you are already on the BBC listserv we hope you are able to be on this call, too—we’ll also send out information about it on the BBC listserv.

Building the Beloved Community (BBC) – The goal of the BBC initiative is to work toward racial, economic, gender justice and peace with economic and political democracy. The focus seeks to address the inequities based on capitalist corporate power, war, and systemic institutionalized oppression.

BBC provides educational information about the history and nature of systemic racism, connections between oppressions, internalized oppressions, racial justice, and the struggles for racial justice.

As we in WILPF know, racial justice is not an issue that stands alone—it is a reality that intersects with all oppressions. BBC encourages WILPF members in branches and at large, as well as other interested organizations and individuals, to work in coalition around racial, economic and social justice issues at many levels, local, national or international level.

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