Apply for a 2017 minigrant

The deadlines for this year’s Minigrant Program applications will be February 15, June 1, and October 1, 2017. Guidelines and application forms for these grants, up to $2,500, are available online.

In addition, the minigrant committee will review applications for $500 grants from the Miami Education for Peace Fund at JAPA. Application forms for these grants will soon be available at the same website and should also be submitted to

Description of the Miami Fund

Miami Education for Peace Fund: provides funding for WILPF International, US National, Branches and regions whose members are planning activities to promote education for peace. Grants are made available to all regions as fairly as possible, but preference is given to small branches in greater need of financial assistance. Grants are made in the spring (deadline January 1, with notification April 30) and fall (deadline June 30, with notification September 30) and are limited to $500, for “strictly educational programs that incorporate WILPF Priorities as well as other programs and projects on education for peace. The activity must be initiated and sponsored by WILPF. This does not include programs by coalitions of which WILPF is a part. It may include programs set up by WILPF and endorsed by other groups. This money is to be used for items of basic necessity, such as travel expenses for speakers, publicity, film rental, literature, rental of auditoriums, etc. Grants may not be used for honoraria or hotel costs.”

Requests for funding must include:

A. Description of the planned activity

  • Nature of the planned activity
  • Purpose
  • Intended audience
  • Date

B. Estimated budget

  • Income itemized by source
  • Expenses itemized


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