Member Rights Expanded: Bylaws Ballots in the Mail!

By WILPF US ad hoc Bylaws Committee

Sometime this month all WILPF US members should receive a letter, a packet of information. containing a ballot and background information for an all-member vote on three important proposed Bylaws amendments: Direct Member-election of President, Creation of a Board Membership Development Committee and Committee Chair, and Creation of Staggered Elections for Board Members. These three changes are substantial in defining the nature and potential responsiveness of our national board; they are a response to long-standing member advocacy for changes in our structure. Please inform other WILPF members you know—whether at large or branch members—about this important vote and encourage them to participate and to tell us, by their votes where they stand.

The US Board has consensed in support of these three proposals and the national ad hoc Bylwas Committee hopes that you will respond in favor of all three amendments.

More information will become available via the this website (most likely on the Bylaws page). We expect, also, to have a "discussion board" on the website for members to share considerations and opinions about the proposed changes.

Please be sure to review the voting instructions carefully. We seek the broadest possible member involvement in determining the shape of our organization.

If you or other members you're in touch with have suggestions for changes in or additions to the WILPF US Bylaws, please feel free to share them with the ad hoc Bylaws Committee by emailing

You should receive your Bylaws ballot materials by Septemeber 20. If you or any WILPF members you may know do not receive them, please inquire with the appropriate branch membership chair to confirm the correctness and currency of membership information. If additional corrections are needed, or if a member is not connected to a branch, please contact WILPF's National Office via (But please work through branch chairs first, if this is an option available to you!)